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I love my wife very sue them is pretty, petite and sexy, has nice tits and I love to fuck, but in recent years, I have an uncontrollable urge to see her fucked by another man, often fantasize about it while we convicted, and while we are doomed, they will say he wants to fuck other men, but when I cut the subject in the light of day and I would say that could hurt our relationship and have become Jealous when a man with a big cock as I fucked her when in fact the thought of a man with a bigger penis than I did to her only increases the pleasure for me, I had a lot of ideas from other people straw to sue doggy style fucking or in the context of Wall Street or in the back of a nice car, and discharge load in her wet youporn pussy beautiful, I knew that the idea that it is youporn on, and I do not think they have brought a to go to the last week, last week, my world upside down, turned around and even COMIng, with what is happenend. was away for several weeks, and every night I call to sue, to check on him and well, but last Thursday I raang home and she was not in the i of the text, and she responded by saying I was with a friend gave her a couple of typos in the text so that angry, two inthe morning drunk I have a text saying you just got and it was fine, so I youporn went to sleep. A The next morning I called and was surprised how quickly it surprised the phone, and she was speaking in a whisper, and I realized I was walking down the stairs of our house, I asked why and she said, whispering, oh im tired, suddenly, I heard a male voice shouted to sue, sue us to drink water, it felt youporn as if it had been struck by lightning, the adrenaline was about to run my body, my heart and had a hit imediata strongly, asked me whos fact, there was a silence then sue replied with a shiverhis voice, the look dave went last night this man I spoke, youporn I bought it home and let me youporn fuck, we have not had sex for weeks and told me he wanted me to do, plus I was annoying, so I went for it, sorry but you have to say what you wanted, do not worry it's a nice guy, clean and very nice and I liked it, I was in stunned silence, Sue said no I can see now that Dave would later call the phone asked me thenshe all day, I was high as a kite, my cock was firm all day thinking about how many types fucking sue ​​this man have, and how often has shit, his dick was bigger than mine, youporn which is in him, he Fuck her bare back, she has her sucking cock, someone has to know that this type fucking my wife, Sue, I finally called the clock on the 10th 00 Sterte night and what had happened to speak, he said he spoke to her in a bar, he found attreactive and decided to go for it, now I have had my cock in mand hand and masturbating, when I asked if she would tell me the details, he asked me if I'm sure you answered yes, then she said she has an elevator of our house and one of his friends who was caught the back seat of the eyes of his girlfriend, and then when at home he was leaving his tail, as hard as stone and the road was bigger and thicker than mine, and he got caught on the stairs I asked, he used a condom, she said no I asked, he did come, she said yes more than once in this time shot my load to sue over the hotel bed , my dream come true my wife love horns after I was my own compositions, I was asked if he was okay, I said yes, then she said she loved me, told me he loved me and not what had happened the mind, she said she had enjoyed it and I never thought I could do with the fact youporn that a man cope better with a dick bigger than me, but she said she is seeing Tony again until late at night, I asked if I will send a picturewhen they go out dressed youporn ready with him, he said later to be the next day I sent a photo of himself as a woman who is ready, a good damn sexy low -cut dress stockings heels was rather Nickers, my phone seemed pretty i masturbated, three hours later take another picture of big fat cock Tony beautiful wives hands around her and her wedding ring completely by your semen, I thought it was cruel, but I loved you from the pain and had a furious straw again, I can not wait to return home on Friday and start my new life as a cuckolded husband is Sue has some surprises for me, and told me that things are going to change dramtically for me but I was promised a good straw when I say something nice home I love my wife to carry
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